Online{2022] Brawl Stars Is Mortis Good {Gratuit}

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Brawl Stars Is Mortis Good. Most of them are dumb guys trying to look cool, i will admit there are good mortis mains but that is probably 1 in a hundred. The true power of mortis!!.

Mortis Montage Brawl Stars YouTube
Mortis Montage Brawl Stars YouTube from

I suppose that the majority agrees that mortis should be buffed(unless you don’t have him keep dying to him).currently the only good maps and gamemodes mortis is good at is brawl ball(not in all maps),decent at snake prarie if you have max bo(which many people dont),and decent in a few sng the reason that supercell isnt buffing him is that there aren’t many viable buff. These balance changes ideas are seperate: When mortis defeats an enemy, he heals 1000 health and gains 2 of his ammo back!

Mortis Montage Brawl Stars YouTube

Weigh your options, and see whether gaining 1400 health is worth getting up close and personal with certain enemies. He has some self healing like poco. Mortis can also use his survival shovel gadget to quickly. Mortis gains a dash bar.

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